Americans should take note! The Wall is a Double Edge Sword!

What exactly is it that we FEAR on our Southern Border that we need to build a permanent wall, but FEAR itself! FEAR is nothing but a thought of the future, and since when do Americans FEAR ANYTHING! Americans have had the COURAGE to stand up to any challenge, and overcome any hardship at any time throughout their history! It has always been in our character and courage as a nation, to do the right thing! So what exactly is it that we fear, but fear itself, on that Southern Border that we need a wall?

There is no imminent danger, or threat, on the Southern border that cannot be handled by other much more efficient means! We are in no danger of attack by people that wish us harm, in fact it is the opposite that is true! The threat is by people who wish to join us because they realize we have a life worth living. Even if there was a threat the wall is unlikely to stop it because the will and desire to live free is inherent in each of us, and we are no different than any other human being on this Earth. But the problem is not the wall itself but whether we in California have the courage to stand up and show the nation the right path that we do not need a wall on our southern Border, or will we in California simply be gone with the wind?

It is true that Federal Law trumps State law, but at what point does the federal government not listen to the wishes of the majority of its people living in the state? While the wall may be an effective tool to slow down people crossing the border it should not be built simply from the fact that it divides Americans to one side or the other, strongly pitting them against each other. Two-thirds of Californians oppose the Federal Governments proposed wall along the California-Mexico border, but at the same time agree we need some form of immigration control. One of the primary jobs of the White House and the Federal Government is to unify Americans, find solutions that bring people together rather than cause chaos through division.

My three favorite words of the American Constitution are ‘We The People…” I ask you where is the White House now with border wall in “We The People” when the opinion of the two-thirds of us does not seem to matter!

The Wall
“A house divided cannot stand“

It is not so long ago that President Lincoln on the eve of the American Civil War said “A house divided cannot stand“ and it was true then as it is now. The White House needs to find solutions that unify Americans rather than fueling divisions.

California needs no border wall simply because it divides Americans against each other – what California does need is a long term sustaining border protection strategy that everyone will agree to. California does face an ever growing sophisticated drug smuggling Cartel problem as well as people smuggling operations. I propose as governor of California a small highly mobile border protection force with significant standoff range (optics day and night), blimps with Predator Eyes installed that can detect and intercept as effectively, if not much more so than a wall, and is far more flexible in its mission than a wall. (See my Border Protection tab on the main page of this web site). This force would be in support of US Customs and Border Protection.

What I absolutely do not support is the use US Armed Forces to bolster US border security against a grossly overhyped threat, or no threat at all, in the name of national security. It is in my opinion an abuse of the mission of the US Armed Forces. In particular I do not support the use of concertina wire to supplement border fencing against non-combatants of which 50% may be women and children who accidently could run into it at night. Using it at the top of the fence is one thing, but placing at the base on the friendly side of the fence where an unsuspecting climber can fall into it is a direct intent to do harm. Concertina wire is normally used in defensive position to channel enemy troops into kill zones, it is razor sharp and those of us who have experience with it know very well the severe harm it can cause, particularly to the unsuspecting.

It is my strong belief that the use of concertina wire to discourage immigrants, who are non-combatants, women and children in particular, from crossing the border is an inefficient and disproportionate use of force by the US Armed Forces, Combat Engineers in this case, and a clear human rights violation! The commanders on the ground need to take note and remove the concertina wire where unsuspecting individuals can accidently stumble upon it! It is slippery slope, and if they use it against immigrants what’s to stop them from justifying in using it against us, Americans, at some point!

The Wall The Wall