Americans should take note!
The Wall is a Double Edge Sword!

What exactly is it that we FEAR on our Southern Border that we need to build a permanent wall, but FEAR itself! FEAR is nothing but a thought of the future, and since when do Americans FEAR ANYTHING! Americans have had the COURAGE to stand up to any challenge, and overcome any hardship at any time throughout their history! It has always been in our character and courage as a nation, to do the right thing! So what exactly is it that we fear, but fear itself, on that Southern Border that we need a wall?

There is no imminent danger, or threat, on the Southern border that cannot be handled by other much more efficient means! We are in no danger of attack by people that wish us harm, in fact it is the opposite that is true! The threat is by people who wish to join us because they realize we have a life worth living. Even if there was a threat the wall is unlikely to stop it because the will and desire to live free is inherent in each of us, and we are no different than any other human being on this Earth. But the problem is not the wall itself but whether we in California have the courage to stand up and show the nation the right path that we do not need a wall on our southern Border, or will we in California simply be gone with the wind?

It is true that Federal Law trumps State law, but at what point does the federal government not listen to wishes of the majority of its people living in the state?

The young generations of Americans today need to stand up and CANNOT continue to sit idly by, otherwise they will become known for the generation that built the wall!

California needs no such wall – what California does need is a long term sustaining border protection strategy that everyone will agree to. California does face an ever growing sophisticated drug smuggling Cartel problem as well as people smuggling operations. I propose as governor of California a small highly mobile border protection force with significant standoff range (optics day and night), blimps with Predator Eyes installed that can detect and intercept as effectively, if not much more so than a wall, and is far more flexible in its mission than a wall. (See my Border Protection tab on the main page of this web site). This force would be in support of US Customs and Border Protection.

In its current plan the border wall has some inherent disadvantages and drawbacks. Just like the Iron Curtain hindered its builders the wall will do the same for US Border Protection. Anyone approaching the wall will be able to do so essentially undetected especially at night under inclement weather conditions that limit both long range optics and night vision devices. Secondly, the wall is planned to be built in the wrong place along the border. An effective wall should be built 500 meters to 1 kilometer inside US Territory. It is much simpler to build a 50-foot tunnel versus a 750 meter to 1.25 kilometer tunnel for smuggling purposes. Tunnel builders are keenly aware that ventilation is highly important in long tunnels and detectable on the surface along the way. Border Protection should patrol between the wall and Mexico and not the other way around on the other side of the wall. Border patrols on the outside of the wall will be far more effective in intercepting sophisticated drug smuggling as well as people smuggling operations.

Every wall built in our planets history has either been taken down or become a monument! The US Southern Border Wall will eventually fall victim to this same fate.

I support the Office of the President regardless of who is in it!
I voted for President Trump as I think he is a man who says what he means and he means what he says, and I believe he is legitimately trying to help the American people – and we should help him do that to the best of our ability – to do otherwise throws unnecessary roadblocks into his path and handicaps the White House staff who is just doing their best to help the American people – Everyone of us should keep in mind that the President and his staff is only human, and is trying to help us - Americans. We do not have to agree with everything the President and the White House does or says, but when we disagree we cannot be malicious, divisive, cause chaos to the point of insurgency, otherwise we risk sending the country on a path of destruction.

The President has mentioned a wall, but in reality he is for strong border protection which can in fact take many effective forms. A Physical barrier such a wall may be too divisive for the country!