Gun Control

As an immigrant who grew up the first nine (9) years of his life in a communist controlled Czechoslovakia it should not surprise anyone that I do not believe in any form of gun control whatsoever. But I come from a different world than most folks both originally and later as a US Army Ranger. Had the Czechs been armed at the time of the Warsaw Pact Invasion in 1968 events could have very well turned out much differently! The US faces no such threat currently, and its threat in the future may be more from within rather than from an external one of invasion.

Gun Control It wasn’t that long ago that General George Washington's Continental Army faced a similar threat from the British which led to the Revolution of 1776. The Continental Army lacked sufficient arms and gun powder as the British confiscated both from the colonials. This was no surprise as the British governed the colonies at the time.

It’s a lesson General Washington and Congress never forgot and is perhaps one of the major reasons for writing into the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

I approach the content of the 2nd Amendment as a soldier and not as someone who is disconnected from soldiering. General George Washington was a soldier who led the Continental Army to oust the British and I believe he did not INTEND, NOR WOULD HAVE AGREED AND WOULD HAVE CONSIDERED IT FOLLY, to handicap weapons in such a way so as to render the function of those weapons away from their intended purpose i.e. handicapped magazine extraction. He also, in my opinion, would not have agreed to control ammunition as during the 1776 Revolution gun powder was one of the key elements for sustaining the Continental Army as a viable threat to the British.

The second Amendment was kept in plain language for all to understand and for not to be misunderstood! It was not intended to be pulverized or twisted to mean something else.

Gun Control California current laws on the books purposely handicap weapons from their intended function and the intent behind the law by its writers is to infringe American's right to bear arms. A handicapped weapon with ammunition locked up in the barn may as well be a shoulder weight. In addition, the intent of the control of ammunition sales is an underhanded way of controlling which type of arms and to what effectiveness the current arms may be used by Americans living in California.

The 39 million Americans living in California have the ultimate say so and their opinion matters the most. Perhaps a one fit for all is not the answer. Americans living in the coastal regions may have a vastly different opinion on gun control versus Americans living in other parts of California.

A change is needed and one that makes sense for the State. As Governor of California I aim to challenge the current gun control laws of California, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, as it is my opinion that the current law as written infringe Americans right to bear arms in the state and are unconstitutional.

"The average American today deserves the trust and responsibility that so
many before them have valiantly fought for, for over two centuries!
To do otherwise would be to marginalize those who have come before us
that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free and have trusted us
not to do the easy thing but to do the right thing!"