Bio Robert P Kleinberger was born in the former Czechoslovakia in 1958. His mother was Polish and Father was Slovak and the family lived near the capital city Prague. His Father belonged to a long line of Kleinberger’s who were viewed as Jewish and were prosecuted first by the Nazis in WW II and the four out of the 48 that survived WW II were later harassed by the Communists for being capitalists. To hide from the Communists in the 50’s and the 60’s decade my Father took my Mothers maiden name of Knurowski as that was Polish and attracted less attention. It was not until 5 years after the fall of the the Iron Curtain that the Family changed the name back to Kleinberger.

My parents refused to join the Communist Party and with my mom imparting Catholic values to us and dad teaching western values to us made neither one very popular with the communists.

It was from my Father I learned one fundamental belief that all people are equal regardless of where they come from. Later in life I realized how remarkable it was that he was able to impart this belief on us, brother and sister included, while under the constant pressure of the Communist propaganda.

In August of 1968 the Warsaw Pact invaded Czechoslovakia and the family living near Prague used the ensuing chaos to escape on one of the last 1 am trains from Prague to Vienna on September 4th, 1968.

My parents viewed America as the land of Freedom and that became their destination no matter what, but the path to get there was not an easy one.

The family bounced around the world first to Canada, then to Germany, and finally landed on the shores of Manhattan on December 7th, 1970. The Father, a skilled mining engineer found a job in Arizona so the family moved to Mesa, Arizona.

I have always felt that as an immigrant one has to give back to the United States of America in some way as we cannot just take and not give back to the country that accepted you, otherwise at some point we end up without a country. I believe actually that most immigrants believe this as well. For me I saw military service as a way to do that.

Important things are very simple and the simple things are very hard!
By Tony May as printed in "The Veteran Leader"
The Father being an educated engineer insisted his son going to a university, the son insisted on the military, and so a compromise was struck to apply to West Point. With the assistance of a local soccer coach nicknamed Doc Kuntz, who was a gifted surgeon, and Senator Barry M. Goldwater, Robert P. Kleinberger was accepted to West Point Class of 1981 before anyone realized he was not a citizen of the United States.

It was interesting no one asked me if I was a citizen and I didn’t think anything about it. So I went in front of a judge and became a citizen early before the 7-year mandatory period – and the entire family as well.

Robert P Kleinberger graduated from West Point in 1981, joined the Infantry Branch, became a US Army Ranger and paratrooper. He spent 6 years on active duty plus 12 years in the reserves until January 7th, 1999.

There is never a shortage of conflicts anywhere!
Robert P Kleinberger spent the 80’s decade in Germany, Mexico, France, and Los Angeles, CA before finally settling down in Los Alamitos, CA in 1991. His parents moved to Los Angeles in 1980.

In the 90’s decade he worked extensively in the Aerospace Industry in marketing and engineering mostly overseas in Europe working with Airbus, and the defense Industry traveling mainly to the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Israel on multiple occasions. He was involved in passenger, transport, fighter, and fuel tanker programs in the aerospace industry working with foreign engineers and companies as he understood them and the region well. As he was foreign born, from Europe and spoke German , Czech, some Spanish and French he was able to blend in with the Europeans.

Robert P Kleinberger was married from 1990 to 2012 and is currently divorced. He had two boys in Los Alamitos, CA both of whom attended the California Public School System and the Cal State University System. The older of the two now 25 years old graduated successfully and is a teacher in the California Public School System and the younger is a senior at a Cal State University this coming year.

Robert P Kleinberger had always been passionate about technology, in particular aircraft and rockets and tinkered with both throughout his life, launching model rockets when he was young. He was also very passionate about American youth education in science and engineering and felt that America is graduating less and less interested students in the scientific and engineering fields.

Technology is what makes America great and gives us an edge over our adversaries but for some reason we are loosing students to other fields and less, and less students are interested in Science and engineering these days. We have to reverse this trend somehow in the USA.

In early 2002 Robert P Kleinberger met a few engineers from Cape Canaveral AFB and Space Florida and after some debate a sounding rocket company was born. One of the primary purposes of the company was to promote science and education by working with young students in middle and high school as well as University students. After a couple years of work and planning the company launched its first rocket from Launch Complex 47 at Cape Canaveral AFB with a Stanford University built payload and a payload from Oak Middle School, Los Alamitos, CA. The payload performed successfully to an altitude of approximately 180,000 feet and splashed down Atlantic Ocean.

The company successfully received a contract from the French Military as well as from the US Air Force all for sounding rocket design, launching multiple times to an altitude of 115 km plus.

The company reached annual revenue of $750 K plus in 2008 but the financial crash of 2008 that September decimated the company as the US Air Force Phase II funding evaporated overnight. Nevertheless, in its wake, the company successfully accomplished the extraordinary task of multiple launches to space from Federal Rocket Ranges and a navy ship with a crash along the way at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

Ask any individual who crashes a significant rocket system they are responsible for and they will tell you how alone they feel when that happens.

Launching to space successfully with any rocket system is very difficult, especially the bigger and more complex the system. Launching from Cape Canaveral AFB is harder still and I was glad to have accomplished that successfully.

Robert P Kleinberger continued to consult in the Aerospace Industry in aircraft, rocket design, and rocket engine design with various rocket groups thru to 2016 and continues to work today.

In parallel from 2003 to 2012 Robert P Kleinberger coached and ran a very competitive soccer club in which his son participated, playing goalie. The club called the Viking Soccer Club played in the Coast Soccer League winning a number of CSL League and US National Championships in the boys U12 thru U16 categories.

This is where I ran into many illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico, Central America, and South America who were so passionate about the game. It was from them I came to appreciate their dedication not only for the game, but also their new country. Many came to give their children the opportunities they never had.

The club also had a women's adult category under the LA Vikings. The LA Vikings at one point played the USA Woman National Team (WNT) in a scrimmage when Pia Sundhage was the coach in 2011. The LA Vikings team tied the USA team 1-1 in a 90-min game at one of the home fields at the Home Depot Center, CA. The team also played Canada and the Philippine WNT’s as well.

It is interesting that the US WNT and US women's soccer is of such high caliber yet they do not have their own tournament in the US. As governor of California I will see if the USSF and FIFA would be willing to create an annual tournament in Los Angeles for women’s world teams to participate in.

Bio Bio

I decided to run for governor in the upcoming 2018 election because I believe California is at a Turning Point. Governor Jerry Brown has done a good job rescuing California from the fallout of the 2008 financial crash when he came into office in 2010 and set it on a path towards success fiscally and he is a visionary in many aspects when it comes to technology, such as the bullet train, electrical power and electrical cars.

However, our young people, young and middle income families are struggling to live California as cost of living is high, very high, higher than rest of the United States. Some as a result being forced to leave to other states. Our public school system is increasing the number of students in classrooms rather than decreasing them making it very difficult for teachers to do their job properly and for us to compete globally. And we have more than 2.4 million people who are undocumented living in some sort of perpetual limbo status as illegal citizens. The six agricultural regions need rescuing in California as they are taking the brunt of the ongoing temperature rise and drought conditions.

There are many complex issues that need solving in California and many of them will take years to solve. I am running so that at least these issues come to the forefront and debate. Like I said before …

“Important things are very simple, but the simple things are very hard!”