Are we a nation that can afford to let go our high ideals?

The writers of our Constitution created the American Republic and asserted that all men and women are equal.

They set aside this land between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans as a refuge for the whole world, for people from all walks of life, regardless of race, color, origin, or religious beliefs. Their vision of the American Republic gave an opportunity for people worldwide to escape economic destitute and violent oppression elsewhere.

But now looking at the actions of our key leaders who seem to identify with one group of people but do not seem to recognize the individual rights or opinion of the others. Using one part of the press for propaganda while vilifying the other and exasperating the divide between Americans rather than unifying them. Key leaders who either ignore or have no interest in the fact that the very nature of democracy is to reach some compromise or middle ground for the benefit of all people, and the highest office of the land whose primary responsibility is to set the moral tone for our country, does the exact opposite.

Our forefathers who wrote the Constitution were people who came to this great land and realized that America has a manifest destiny to be the leaders of free men and women everywhere. They had the courage to stand up and fight to live as free individuals and to create a land of hope, religious tolerance, compassion for all people, land of equal rights for all, and opportunities not begotten elsewhere, offering a life worth living to all free men and women! High ideals are rarely won without cost, and our forefathers paid them dearly!

How far has this generation of Americans slid from its high ideals of President John F Kennedy who said the United States has the will to join free men and women in standing up to its responsibility!

And now the actions of the White House threaten to unravel the very human right system worldwide for which the US was its chief architect since World War II. Actions that are cleverly either disguised in new Immigration Law or in the name of National Security, with the highest office in the land showing neither the WILL nor compassion for those in need, simply prejudging those trying to come here as people we do not want. If it isn’t Americans who stand up for justice and freedom of all people, if it isn’t Americans then I ask you WHO WILL!

But there is a more serious undertone from the highest office of the land through intimidation and bullying so as to interject an element of fear, evolving on the sly as a slow and subtle corruption which may lead to undemocratic ways that are quite troubling!

It has never been in our nations character to NOT have the WILL to stand up for our high ideals that our forefathers of the American Constitution have had the courage to give us.

But most important of all they understood the cost and the necessary sacrifice to attain their high ideals! I ask all Americans now how far our leaders have slipped from their responsibility?

“It is perhaps either by sheer luck, or by design, that the United States of America flows like water, but then flows where it must, and not one individual is able to change its manifest destiny!” Robert P Kleinberger

Robert P Kleinberger
Reference: Yan Phou Lee