“A House Divided Cannot Stand!”

"A house divided cannot stand” or “A house divided against itself cannot stand” are phrases used throughout history of humankind from gospel scriptures to President Abraham Lincoln in his address to his Republican colleagues in the Hall of Representatives in 1858. Colleagues who at the time thought the phrase was too radical realized not that they were on the eve of the greatest American conflict in history the American Civil War only two years later. While the phrase A house divided cannot stand” was used on occasion in history it brings home the point “United we stand divided we fall.”

Our public leaders of our country serve more than 325 million of Our Fellow Americans most of whom they will never meet, faces they will never see, dreams they will never hear, people they will never know. People who have hopes for their families to leave a better and free America that recognizes their rights regardless of who they are and hoping that their children will be free to choose their own destiny and be better for it. Yet some of our public leaders today appear to serve their base and no one else, and in fact act as if those who have opposing views do not deserve their respect nor their representation. In our democracy the public leaders of our country are supposed to represent everyone and not vilify those of different opinions, views, whether they are just citizens going about their daily lives, work in the media, or are those citizens on the public stage.

The very root of our democracy is for our public leaders to find a middle ground yet the highest office in the land today appears to do the opposite. In fact, the famous phrase “Our Fellow Americans” seems to have fallen on deaf ears in the highest office in the land and is at ever more distant today than ever before. Some of our public leaders today have become numb to the fact that they actually are supposed to serve “Our Fellow Americans,” that is all of us, regardless of our race, color, origin, gender or beliefs. Public leaders should realize that “Our Fellow Americans” by virtue of that bond alone are worthy of their sacrifice, their commitment and their service, yet the highest office of the land seems to do the exact opposite. We the People and the United States of America are not a personal playground for the highest office of the land or any of its Public Servants, yet some our public servants act as if it is exactly that.

“A House Divided Cannot Stand!” and if it continues so, it will not stand the test of time.